Growing up, things weren't always peaches and cream for this Minneapolis native. Secret learned early on, that life could change in the blink of an eye. After losing the lives of both parents on her birthday, she was forced back and forth to many abusive, neglectful, foster homes. When she finally gets put with a family, whom she trust and grows to love, she's betrayed, and forced to alienate herself from the ones she's loved the most. After she escapes the place of betrayal, which she once called home, she turns to a life of stripping, to make a living. Now, in this new world of money, sex, and naked women, Secret struggles to not get caught up in it. Even though, drama isn't her forte, it always seems to make its way to her front door. Now, as she tries to fend for herself and move on with her life, her past decides to rear its ugly head. As things take a turn, she's faced with having to reveal a secret, that she's been running from since she left home.




“This book was really good! It had my attention from the beginning to the end, had me laughing and crying! I like everything about it... I will definitely be recommending this book to anyone looking for a good read! I look forward to reading more books from this talented author!”

Lenora wilson

“I could not put this book down and it had me feeling all types of ways over all I loved it. If your looking for a good book to read and get in to this is one you need to get”


“I give this book 5 stars... It’s based in Mn from a Mn author and there is never a dull moment in this book.” 


“This is a great book! Veralashay is a AWESOME author! I cant put it down. Definitely five stars” 


“This book had me glued from the beginning to end. I would definitely recommend this to others” 

Moriah Masuca

“Secrets is desperately searching for fulfillment—and, perhaps, something darker and deeper. I guarantee that you would not be able to put this book down. It is so thrilling with love, pain and even death. Classic and a Must Have!”

Chaunika D Black

“1 of those books you can’t put down once you pick it up!!!! I was super intrigued the entire read and I can’t wait to see what’s next !!!”

Je’Lisa Phillips

“The book is honestly a GREAT read!!! You wouldn’t be disappointed that you bought this book I guarantee you that.. Great Job Evonne!!” 


“I Loved Secret! You can almost picture the scenes in you head as your read the different chapters in the book. GOOD READ Veralashay”

Tesa T.

“This book "Secret" was definitely a page turner. I read this at work,(multitasking) huge 👍 . Finished it in just 2-3 days. And I couldn't wait to get the second book instantly. Still have yet to read it but definitely looking forward to the storyline. Highly recommended to friends and family. You wouldn't be disappointed. 👌😀”


“Can’t stop reading !! Can’t put the book down once you start reading ‼️💪🏽🔥🔥 It will be one of your Fav books after reading ‼️”

Vonia K

“I Absolutely Love Secret!! She had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I found myself addicted to her story and anticipating what was next!! This Book is a MUST READ ! VeraLashay Is an OUTSTANDING Author, Writer and Creator!! 5 stars.”


“Definitely a juicy book !!! Couldn't put it down! I cant wait to read other books”


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